A blog about Playstation sorta stuff. Hooray!

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Welcome to a blog site all about Playstation! 

"Playstation". Does the word bring a tingle down your spine, smile on your face, and make your toes curl in orgasmic pleasure? If so, you must seek medical help immediately (neuron signals are definitely misfiring!). 

If you are a Playstation enthusiats who loves to engage in Playstation conversations and shoot the breeze about similar gaming and geek culture stuff, you are my buddy.

This is my personal place to regurgitate stuff I see on other major gaming blogs (IGN, Eurogamer, etc.) while putting my own spin on things and sometimes unearthing new revelations on Playstation things yet to come. Occasionally, I also write about my other interests. Sit back, relax, and be a part of the coversation. Enjoy!

p.s. Trolls will be shot on site. (my roundhouse kick will be the cannon)